Stop tour № 4.

The observation deck. View of Uzhan valley.

At this place (the site on the right side of the central castle courtyard entrance) archaeological studies also have not been conducted yet. That is, at the moment it is not possible to say reasonable how this site looked at different stages of the castle's existence. But researchers suspect there should have been another tower at this point. It had the dual function of blocking the entrance to the upper castle and serving as a lookout tower. This is the place where you can enjoy a magnificent panoramic view of the entire Uzhan valley. This landscape emphasizes the importance of the castle for control over the trade and military route that passed along the river Uzh to the pass through the Carpathian ridge, that is, to the Polish Kingdom and the Kingdom of Galicia-Volhynia.

It is considered that you will be interested to know that even now the castle is situated almost at the intersection of modern political borders. Look forward to the west across the Uzh River - over the scenic panorama of the village Kamyanitsa is a mountain ridge. The Ukrainian - Slovak border runs along its ridge. Not only the panorama of Uzhgorod but also the panorama of the neighboring Hungary (the mountain beyond Uzhgorod) is visible from this place in the direction of the south on a clear sunny day. Located at the foot of the castle mountain, the stormy Uzh River in the north originates from the Ukrainian-Polish border.