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Renovated observation deck.

Nevitsky Castle is one of the oldest structures of Transcarpathia, having international importance. It is unique in all Ukraine for its elliptical construction and reminds the Irish castles. The surrounding nature of Transcarpathia enhances the effect of the fortress seen. The beauty of nature and the cold impregnable stones are intertwined here. Despite the fact that most of the structure is destroyed, thousands of tourists from all over Europe reach it every year. What's the secret, will you ask?! Apparently, it is the fact that Nevitsky Castle walls can talk. The history of Nevitsky Castle has changed all the time. In the time of one of the royal rulers (Amadeus Finti) Nevitsky Castle flourished, in the times of others - the blood of feuds poured on perennial stones. Nevitsky Castle, as a tour point of our country, is very popular because it harbors the memory and spirit of the Middle Ages. The elliptical construction is somewhat reminiscent of Irish castles. It offers a modern tourist's view from a height of 260 meters. The charming nature of the Carpathian Mountains and the fresh, clear air enhance the experience. In the vicinity of the castle is not only a dense forest, but also a civilized area. In addition to the historical origin of the legendary fortification, there are also legendary interpretations of the castle's past.

The origin of the name Nevitsky Castle is explained by the legend: it was a protective fortress for brides from royal and princely families. According to another legend, the Nevitsky Castle was built by overseas princess, and not just made of stone, but with impurities of breast milk and human blood. Therefore, the fortress was always supernaturally strong and stood well during any fights. The cruel royal was later punished by a native of the common people, Ivan, who became the king instead her. The third story, the most romantic one, touches on its plot. The owner of Nevitsky Castle married a stranger's bride, and promised his enemy his daughter as a wife after she was 16 years old. The girl, who did not know about the arrangement, fell in love with the other, and when her native father forced her to marry the unloved, she threw herself out of the window directly on the stones of the river Uzh. This is where the legendary Nevitsky Castle was set up.
The castle and its surroundings still keep plenty of “secrets” that have yet to be solved.